film by Róbert Alföldi | 52 min | television film | (2006)

Story: The main character first escapes from his crowded life with orders and rules into the fantasy world of adulthood, then tries to meet the challenges of going to school. Finally, he experiences the treauma of adolescence, when he is reduced from a beloved little child to a novice, clumsy adult by the conflicts of change. In Róbert Alföldi's film, children and adults play off each other. The child playing the role of an adult is very comical, and the adult relegated to the role of a child is very awkward. The meeting of the two offers countless gag opportunities and laughs bring us closer to understanding and the truth.

Main cast: Zoltán BALÁZS, Rozina BRAGHINI, Antal RADVÁNYI, Anna Laura SÉFEL, Péter SISKA, Róbert ALFÖLDI, Kátya TOMPOS, Kristóf SIMON, Márta MARTIN

Director: Róbert ALFÖLDI Producer: István BODZSÁR Director of Photography: Tamás BABOS Line Producer: Csaba PÉK Written by: Éva JANIKOVSZKY, Béla RIGÓ, Róbert VÖRÖS

Production Company: Unio Film Distribution: MTV Supporters: MMK,  Hungarian Film Incentive, MTV