film by Péter Bergendy | 127 min | feature film | (2004)

Story: Kata Kéki is a lucky girl. She's a pretty, attractive woman, although wherever she appears, men are drawn to her. She has a loving mother, a brother, who wants to be loved and three girlfriends who cling to her like brothers. She also has a trusted boyfriend, Marci, who is eager to be promoted to fiancée, husband and even father. Everything is in place for a successful life, but it is getting delayed. Kata Kéki is not at all happy with everything she has. Despite her indisputable talents, at this beautiful, young, yet mature age, she has neither a real job nor a real love. But she is always looking for both. Kata is ambitious. She visits job interviews and diligently tries to find the right man in different men. First in Fonyó, then in David, then in Tamás.

Main cast: Gabriella HÁMORI, Eszter ÓNODI, Judit SCHELL, Melinda MAJOR, Ervin NAGY, Sándor CSÁNYI, Zsolt NAGY, Péter HAUMMAN, Ferenc ELEK, Zsolt LÁSZLÓ, Ági BÁNFALVY, Ferenc HUJBER, Piroska MOLNÁR, Mari CSOMÓS

Director: Péter BERGENDY Producer: István BODZSÁR Director of Photography: Gyula PADOS Line Producer: Csaba PÉK Written by: Béla GIGÓ Editor: István KIRÁLY Costume Designer: János BRECKL Production Designer: Balázs HUJBER, Composer: Gábor MADARÁSZ

Production Company: Unio Film Distribution: SPI Supporters: MMK,  Hungarian Film Incentive, RTL Klub