film by Márk Bodzsár | 106 min | feature film | (2013)

Story: Milán, half Croatian, half Hungarian guy, deserts the Croatian army in 1992, the second year of the South Slavic war, and escapes from Yugoslavia to Hungary, where he finds work as a former medical student in the Budapest ambulance service. His two constant companions are Tamás Kis (Tamás Keresztes), the ambulance driver, and doctor Fék (Roland Rába), the chief of the three-man night ambulance team. The enthusiastic and conscientious male nurse gets a shock when he finds out that his colleagues select the patients. While they save lives, they sometimes leave the elderly and terminally ill patients to die, even hastening their deaths. For Milán, it turns out that there is a business side to the illegal euthanasia going on in the back of the ambulance. He also needs the money to free his Bosnian fiancée trapped in the Sarajevo siege ring, so he strikes a deal with his partners. Gradually, he drifts into crime and horror. He becomes a skilled rescuer and experiences the euphoric moments of saving lives, while also encountering the many faces of death.

Main cast: András ÖTVÖS, Roland RÁBA, Tamás KERESZTES, Sándor ZSÓTÉR, Natasa STORK

Director: Márk BODZSÁR Producer: István BODZSÁR Director of Photography: Dániel REICH Line Producer: Csaba PÉK Editor: Zoltán KOVÁCS Costume Designer: János BRECKL Production Designer: Gábor VALCZ

Production Company: Unio Film Distribution: A Company Supporters: National Film Institute Hungary,  Hungarian Film Incentive, RTL Klub, NKA