film by Béla Paczolay | 100 min | feature film | (2008)

Story: Géza Elekes, a trumpet player who has failed in his fourth marriage, receives a phone call from his father, whom he has not spoken to for decades. He and his son, András, who does not exactly live a honest life, set off to visit his parents, who live across the border. When they arrive, his father says he's fed up with his wife's jealousy and moves in with him. Géza reluctantly accepts the idea, but eventually the three men leave Transylvania for Budapest. On their way, they face many trials and tribulations in addition to each other: run over, chases, women, corpses and the green border await the adventurers.

Main cast: Péter RUDOLF, Péter HAUMANN, Milán SCHRUFF, Ági BÁNFALVY, Mari CSOMÓS, Judit POGÁNY, Lajos KOVÁCS, Szabolcs THURÓCZY, Ferenc ELEK, Levente KIRÁLY

Director: Béla PACZOLAY Producer: István BODZSÁR, Ági PATAKI Co-producer: Gábor KOVÁCS Director of Photography: Gyula PADOS Line Producer: Csaba PÉK Written by: Gergely PÉTERFY Editor: István KIRÁLY Costume Designer: János BRECKL Production Designer: Balázs HUJBER

Production Company: Unio Film Co-producer: Filmpartners Distribution: Budapest Film Supporters: MMK, TV2, SAMSUNG, OKM, VW, Hungarian Film Incentive