film by Áron Mátyássy | 90 min | feature film | (2009)

Story: It is 1997, near the eastern border. Here lives Iván, a car mechanic, with his disabled sister, Eszter. Iván earns a little extra money by bringing gas oil across the border. One day, Eszter is raped in the nearby forest. The police investigation does not yield many results, and after a while it becomes a burden for Ivan. After the trauma, Eszter continues to live her life as usual, but refuses to speak. Meanwhile, Ivan falls in love with Ilus, a newly graduated girl from the village, who has to move away at the end of the summer because she has been accepted to university. Autumn is coming, and with it everything will change. Ivan is on his own. His plans seem to be failing and the police warn him to stop smuggling oil. Then, by chance, he has a dramatic revelation about the rape of Eszter. No longer willing to go to the authorities, he takes justice into his own hands.

Main cast: József KÁDAS, Teréz VASS, Eszter FÖLDES, Marianna SZALAY, Zoltán GÉCZY, Zoltán ÚJVÁRI, Csaba CZENE, Mari CSOMÓS, Andor LUKÁTS, Zsolt ANGER, Zoltán RAJKAI, Attila KASVINSZKI, Lia POKORNY, András BALOGH, Zoltán DURKÓ

Director: Áron MÁTYÁSSY Producer: István BODZSÁR Director of Photography: Máté HERBAI Line Producer: Csaba PÉK Written by: Áron MÁTYÁSSY Editor: Zoltán KOVÁCS Costume Designer: János BRECKL Production Designer: Balázs HUJBER, Composer: Albert MÁRKOS

Production Company: Unio Film Distribution: BudapestFilm Supporters: MMK,  MTV, Hungarian Film Incentive