film by János Novák | 70 min | musical theater film | (2022)

Story: It is an adaptation of the popular play Aunt Bors, which ran for more than 400 performances. In the film, the scenes of the play are reborn in Budapest's real and fairy-tale transformed locations. The group of children gathered around Báthori utca 3., with the help of the Game Master, learns and sings the songs of Aunt Bors, these will be the surprises with which I would like to congratulate the celebrant on her 80th birthday. Looking for Aunt Bors, they meet Lacko on the veranda of her attic apartment, they lure Titilla, Aunt Bors's favorite cat, from the roof, meanwhile Aunt Bors also appears for a short time above the rooftops, we see her watering her favorite flowers, the mallows, from an airship. It turns out that Titilla has lost Aunt Bors' runner beans. The kids help out, during a wild rock and roll dance competition and transform into running beans.

Main cast: Piroska MOLNÁR, János NOVÁK, Melinda MEGYES, Dániel FEHÉR, István MULT,

Director: János NOVÁK Producer: Csaba PÉK, Borbála MIHÁLYFY Written by: Ágnes NEMES NAGY, János NOVÁK Director of Photography: Emil NOVÁK Editor: Gyula István MÓZES Composer: János NOVÁK Costume Designer: Diana OEHLER Production Designer: Zsófia VÉGVÁRI Sound: Attila TŐZSÉR

Production Company: Filmkontroll Co-producer: Kolibri Children's and Youth Theater Budapest Distribution: Filmkontroll Supporters: National Film Institute Hungary,  Hungarian Film Incentive