film by Márk Bodzsár | 95 min | feature film | (2019)

Story: Comrade Drakulich is a vampire tale set during the cold war. In the beginning of the 70s, the People's Republic of Hungary organizes a blood-drive for Vietnam, which is at war with the USA. As the guest of honour, a vampire sets foot on the communist country's soil. A young couple, who work for the Hungarian secret police, are assigned to monitor the stranger, and to find out the secret of his eternal youth. During the vampire hunt, a love triangle sparks, and everyone has to choose between love, blood, and communism.

Main cast: Ervin NAGY, Zsolt NAGY, Lili WALTERS, Szabolcs THURÓCZY, Éva KEREKES, István ZNAMENÁK, Roland RÁBA, Móni BALSAI, Alexandra BORBÉLY, Tibor BÖDÖCS

Director: Márk BODZSÁR Producer: Csaba PÉK, Attila TŐZSÉR Written by: Márk BODZSÁR Executive Producer: Ervin NAGY, Zsolt NAGY Director of Photography: Dániel REICH Editor: Zoltán KOVÁCS Composer: Tamás KERESZTES Costume Designer: Eszter FÜZES Production Designer: Márton ÁGH Sound: Attila TŐZSÉR

Production Company: Filmkontroll Distribution: InterCom Supporters: National Film Institute Hungary,  Hungarian Film Incentive, RTL Hungary