film by András Kepes | 14 x 50 min | portrait film series | (2008)

Story: For thousands of years, humanity has taught and learned from stories. In our childhood we hang on the "milk of stories", sacred books and chronicles teach us through stories, and from storytelling grew epic, drama, prose, film. András Kepes has been telling stories on radio and television for decades. Now he is on the trail of more strange stories. He travelled the world, from the Balkans to the British Isles, from Indonesia to Portugal. His heroes include some old acquaintances, such as Eduardo, whose life has taken an exciting turn in the process, but most of the stories are new. We also learn about the fate of Istvan Horthy's widow and the governor's grandson, Tilo, the successful German actor who learned Hungarian and became a Hungarian actor, Zsolt, who has an "absolute nose", and Ágoston, the internationally renowned professor of artificial intelligence who came into conflict with his own intellect.

Director: András KEPES, Béla BAGOTA, Márk BODZSÁR, Ádám CSÁSZI Producer: István BODZSÁR Director of Photography: Gergő SOMOGYVÁRI Line Producer: Csaba PÉK Sound: Ferenc CSÁSZÁR

Production Company: Unio Film Distribution: Unio Film Supporters: MTV