film by Szabolcs Hajdu | 80 min | feature film | (2007)

Story: The protagonist of the film, young film director Adél Bódi, is preparing for the premiere of her new film. The story condenses into 24 hours the collapse of the nothing little film that is eating up Adél's life. The final push lasts for a day, starting with a bad-tasting radio appearance revealing the secrets of her private life. Her co-workers fill her morning with botched invitations and misguided posters, while her producer demands substantive changes for her next film. Adél rushes home to catch her breath, but at home her actor husband Pali Rajnai is avidly surfing porn sites on the Internet. In their bitter argument, their film careers and private lives become entangled, and Adél runs away, while Pali systematically destroys their apartment.

Main cast: Orsolya TÖRÖK-ILLYÉS, Domokos SZABÓ, Szabolcs THURÓCZY, Marcell MIKLÓS, Lehel KOVÁCS

Director: Szabolcs HAJDU Producer: Csaba PÉK, István BODZSÁR Director of Photography: András NAGY Written by: László GARACZI Editor: Péter POLITCZER Costume Designer: János BRECKL Production Designer: Balázs HUJBER Composer: Albert MÁRKOS

Production Company: Lagunafilm Distribution: NFI Supporters: MMK,  Hungarian Film Incentive, MTV, NKA, OKM,