film by Márk Bodzsár | 20 min | shortfilm | (2009)

Story: The protagonist of the short film is a modern-day incarnation of Opicinus, the thirty-year-old pater Michael, who holds his masses in the hangar-like church of a fictional New Christian sect. Most often, it is in the silence of the Lord's Supper that the laughing fits break out: when the sombre walls multiply the gurgling laughter, he crouches behind the altar and begins to choke himself. If the laughter turns to choking, the seizure ends and the mass can soon resume.

Main cast: Tamás KERESZTES, Adél JORDÁN, Tilo WERNER, Lehel KOVÁCS

Director: Márk BODZSÁR Producer: Csaba PÉK, István BODZSÁR Director of Photography: Dániel REICH Written by: Márk BODZSÁR

Production Company: Lagunafilm