film by Erika Szántó | 6 x 25 min | documentary series | (2009)

Story: Each episode in the series is based around a writer. This allows the subjective vision of Berlin to reveal the writer's intellectual portrait. The individual vision, style and personal fate of the writers who have lived and worked in Berlin for a long time not only conjure up the multi-faceted German capital. Together, they provide landmarks on the intellectual map of the new Europe. We are given a literary news of our times in which the Wall separating East from West no longer exists, but in which we all carry the legacy of one side of the Wall or the other.

Main cast: György DALOS, László GARACZI, Endre KUKORELLY, Lajos PARTI NAGY, László DARVASI, László FÖLDÉNYI F.

Director: Erika SZÁNTÓ Producer: Csaba PÉK, István BODZSÁR Director of Photography: Márton VÍZKELETY

Production Company: Lagunafilm Distribution: MTV Supporters: MTV