film by Dorka Herner | 45 x 1 min | daily series | (2010)

Story: The programme captures positive moods, themes, feelings and motifs. The aim is to have one minute a day where the viewer is sure to get what they may have been missing all day: a positive outlook on life. Because - although we often forget it - it is good to live. The programme avoids pathos, presenting the themes in a less didactic, light-hearted way, but with a strong message.

Our aim is also not only to film in Budapest, but also to allow our viewers from the countryside and beyond to discover familiar landscapes, motifs and buildings, thus making the programme more accessible to everyone.

It is good to live: the title of the programme reflects its ars poetic. Through small things and more essential things, the programme shows why it is good to live. Beauty, joy and variety come in countless forms in our lives, it's just a question of having the attitude to see them.

Director: Dorka HERNER Producer: Csaba PÉK, István BODZSÁR Director of Photography: Márton VÍZKELETY

Production Company: Lagunafilm Distribution: MTV Supporters: MTV