film by Emil Novák | 51 min | television film | (2011)

Story: The film is based on the text of the book "Time of Old Age" by Alaine Polcz. The scipt is based on this text and several other autobiographical writings by the author. However, Time of Old Age is not a documentary, nor is it a fiction film specifically about the life of Alaine Polcz. In a broader sense, the film is about ageing and people's relationship with time, and how to accept old age when it comes. The title refers to this: "Time of Old Age" - as in the book of Solomon the preacher: "There is an appointed time for everything".

Main cast: Mari TÖRŐCSIK, Andrea KALI, Melinda MEGYES, Lehel SALAT

Director: Emil NOVÁK Producer: Csaba PÉK, István BODZSÁR Director of Photography: Emil NOVÁK Written by: Alaine POLCZ Editor: Dániel SZABÓ  Composer: János NOVÁK

Production Company: Lagunafilm Distribution: NFI Supporters: NKA, MTV.  Hungarian Film Incentive