film by Márk Bodzsár | 75 x 3 min | daily series | (2012)

Story: It's good to pick up a book. It's such a personal thing. An object that, when you open it, turn the pages, read it, suddenly the sun shines, the sky darkens, you fall in love, you become disillusioned, you travel, you yearn, you get home - you live your life. Both the real and the imaginary. He studies, has fun and thinks with a book in hand. He talks to others, creates real human relationships with the help of books, and cultivates friendships. Reading a book is good. We also recommend this to viewers. One day, one book.

Cast: János LACZKFY

Director: Márk BODZSÁR Producer: Csaba PÉK, István BODZSÁR Director of Photography: Dániel REICH

Production Company: Filmkontroll Distribution: MTV Supporters: MTV