film by Péter Bergendy | 90 min | feature film | (2011)

Story: 24 December 1957 After the turbulent events of October, the State Protection Department has to make sure which of its agents can be trusted in the future, so it tests their loyalty to the system one by one. For András Jung, an officer, Christmas Eve brings this particular test: he has no idea that from a window in the house across the street, his fatherly master, Pál Markó, is watching him and evaluating his every action and every sentence. If András knew this, he would probably not be meeting his hitherto strictly hidden lover, Éva, on this day, and he would also be more careful about the list of agents entrusted to him. But the list of names disappears, András learns that Éva is not at all who he thought she was, and it slowly becomes clear that no one can trust anyone.

Main cast: Zsolt NAGY, Gabriella HÁMORI, János KULKA, Péter HAUMMAN

Director: Péter BERGENDY Producer: István BODZSÁR Director of Photography: Zsolt TÓTH Line Producer: Csaba PÉK Written by: Norbert KÖBLI Editor: István KIRÁLY Costume Designer: János BRECKL Production Designer: Balázs HUJBER

Production Company: Unio Film Distribution: Vertigo Supporters: MMK,  Hungarian Film Incentive, MTV, NKA