film by Anna Király | 16 min | shortfilm | (2020)

Story: Mariann and her two children in their twenties live together, yet apart from each other. They live next door to each other, each of them in their own little room. An emotional event forces them to break out of this routine. They have to resolve situations and conflicts together.

Main cast: Krisztián IMRE, Panna Dominika BÍRÓ, Krisztina URBANOVITS, Katalin TAKÁCS, Zsuzsanna SZÁGER

Director: Anna KIRÁLY Director of Photography: Péter LEHR-JUHÁSZ

Producer: Csaba PÉK, Miklós BOSNYÁK Production Company: Filmkontroll Co-producer: University of Theater and Film Arts Budapest Distribution: Filmkontroll Supporters: National Film Institute Hungary and Hungarian Film Incentive