film by Annabella Schnabel | 17 min | shortfilm | (2021)

Story: Sungbat the cat-bat asks his friends to cheer him on in a live Facebook feed for a job advertisement. His friends' well-wishes are well received as Félix, a man in his 30s, is called for a job interview by an animation company. He is soon hired and the job turns out to be the opportunity of his dreams, as he gets to work with his own costume (Sungbat). His life changes radically: he is torn from his lonely everyday life, dominated by his mother, by a strange, almost love triangle (between him and her and her spoiled cat). As time goes by, however, Félix's accumulated tensions (caused by his mother and Bajsz on the one hand, and his failed attempts to fit in at work on the other) escalate: the ever-increasing conflicts at work and at home finally lead him to continue his life as a cat.

Main cast: Kati ANDAI, Mihály CSERNAI, Judit CSOMA, Lili ERDŐS, Attila FRITZ, Ágnes MÁHR, 

Director: Annabella SCHNABEL Director of Photography: Gergely Balázs VAJDA

Producer: Csaba PÉK, Miklós BOSNYÁK Production Company: Filmkontroll Co-producer: University of Theater and Film Arts Budapest Distribution: Filmkontroll Supporters: National Film Institute Hungary and Hungarian Film Incentive