film by Attila Dávid | 18 min | shortfilm | (2020)

Story: The fictional story of the film is set in the near future, in the recently economically collapsed Eastern Union. There is no law enforcement, everyone is free to act as they see fit. Ella wants to leave the Union with her husband and their child. They are packing their bags when they are ambushed by a motorcycle-gang of four people. They take not only all their money but her husband's life, and then try to rape Ella who is hiding in the house. One of the gang members, Artúr, comes to her rescue.

Main cast: Anna MÉSZÖLY, Erik MAJOR, Zsolt NAGY, Levente ORBÁN, Márton PATKÓS, Tibor HAJDÚ

Director: Attila DÁVID Director of Photography: Mátyás GYURICZA

Producer: Csaba PÉK, Miklós BOSNYÁK Production Company: Filmkontroll Co-producer: University of Theater and Film Arts Budapest Distribution: Filmkontroll Supporters: National Film Institute Hungary and Hungarian Film Incentive